Amboss 300mm x 450mm Tubular Double Leg POA Rafter Bracket


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Amboss style Point of Attachment Brackets are tubular 'S' shaped brackets, designed by electricians for ease of use, and are compatible with the NSW Service and Installation Rules. The 'S' shaped tubular design allows for consumer mains to be run through centre of bracket for a neater installation and to simplify flashing of bracket where required. Suitable for single or three phase aluminium aerial service lines, the 'D' rated (or double leg) POA brackets are suitable for up to approx. 50m length of run. The 'D' rated POA brackets are also suitable for any service line pulling on the bracket at an angle of greater than 45° to the perpendicular. Rafter Mounting style bracket with riser in front of the gutter. Designed to simplify mounting, this bracket installs via 2 x 40 diameter hole through the fascia under Quad style gutter or similar. No penetration of roofing material or flashing of bracket required. Not suitable for full depth fascia gutters. These premiun quality POA brackets are available in a variety of sizes please check our store for other sizes. For exact details regarding required bracket strength ratings for particular applications, please refer to the New South Wales Service Installation Rules, your local Supply Authority or Service Provider 300mm Double Leg Design 450mm Wide "D" Rated Rafter Mount NSW Approved


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Amboss 300mm x 450mm Tubular Double Leg POA Rafter Bracket

Amboss 300mm x 450mm Tubular Double Leg POA Rafter Bracket


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