Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Getter Immediate Delivery

We charge for the distance between the Pick Up Location and the Drop Off Location. The minimum charge is $40+GST, and we charge $4+GST per KM.

There may be additional charges. These are all $15+GST.

  • Waiting at the pick up for more than 10 minutes
  • Loading for more than 10 minutes
  • Unloading for more than 10 minutes
  • Additional Pick Up or Drop Off

It is easy to get a quote before you place an order; enter your Pick Up Location and your Drop Off Location on the order form and you will be given an approximate price before placing your order.

Outsourced Delivery

Orders through Getter online shop outside of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (incl. Sunshine Coast) will use a contract delivery driver.

  • $99(+GST) base rate for deliveries to non-metro areas, although this is subject to change based on location size and product.

We reserve the right to charge additional fees in certain situations and locations. You will be notified of these before the item(s) is shipped.

Terms & Conditions for All Deliveries

When you place your online order, a friendly customer service team member will get back to you within 24 business hours with the additional online delivery fees that may apply for your order.

When you place an order you will have the choice to place it as an ASAP Delivery or a Scheduled Delivery. We assume ASAP delivery unless you advise us. You can leave special instructions when you place the order or call 1300 438837.

We will tell you an estimated delivery time for your item after you place the order, but we will attempt delivery as soon as possible; you must therefore be available to accept delivery from the time you place the order. If you are not available to accept the delivery, there may be charges associated with re-delivering the items.

For a Scheduled Delivery, we will tell you the time when the Item is expected to be delivered; you must be available to accept delivery for ten minutes before and ten minutes after that time.

We aim for express and immediate delivery, however this is not always possible and we will not be held liable if this cannot be achieved.

Shipping to some parts of Australia may incur an additional cost.

We reserve the right to offer an alternative product if the one you selected is not available and/or reject the order. Every effort will be made to provide the product selected.

Unfortunately, despite our and our Partner Wholesaler’s best efforts, things do not always go to plan. Factors such as traffic and weather conditions may prevent us from delivering your Item on time. If your order is more than 30 minutes late, and we haven’t notified you giving you the option to cancel your order, we will work with you to make things right unless you have caused the delay (e.g. because you gave us the wrong address or did not come to the door).

We will attempt delivery at the address you provide to us when you place your order. If you need to change the delivery location after you have placed your order, we may be able to change the address to an alternative one that is registered with your account if you let us know before the driver has been dispatched, and the new address is within the same zone as the address you originally ordered your Item to. If we cannot change the delivery address, you have the option to cancel the order, but if order preparation has started you will be charged the full price for the Item, and if the driver has been dispatched you will also be charged for delivery.

You will still be charged for the Item and for delivery in the event of a failed delivery if you have caused such failure for any reason. Reasons you might cause a delivery to fail include (but are not limited to):

  • You do not come to the door, did not pick up the phone when the driver contacted you using the contact information you have provided us, and/or you picked up the phone but then failed to provide access within a reasonable amount of time, and the driver is unable to find a safe location to leave the order.
  • The driver refuses to deliver the Item to you in accordance with Section 8 (Age Restricted Products).

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